russian art week

Highlights of the bi-annual Russian creative showcase by its organiser

Russian Art Week in London get its start on November 27. Take part in our quiz and win a ticket to the VIP opening.

Russian Art Week opens its doors May 29 with ‘Private Moon’ exhibition by Russian artist Leonid Tishkov.

Turnover at sales hit by impact of international sanctions but it’s not all bad news, says Theodora Clarke, the event's director. 

Sales of Russian art by the major auction houses, Russian exhibitions and related cultural events will take place during Russian Art Week in early June.

Two days, four auctions - each celebrating a distinct aspect of Russian artistic heritage from ‘Russian Paintings’ to ‘Russian Works of Art, Fabergé and Icons’.

This sale features works from significant private collections with 3 works from the Conservatoire Russe de Paris.

To coincide with Russian Art Week in London, AntikBar will be holding an online auction of antique maps, books, prints, posters and graphic design from the Russian Empire.

How to make the most of Russian Art Week in a day. The fun part about it? It's all within a 1.5 mile radius so you can fit it in with Christmas shopping, in between meetings, or even as a pre-dinner walk. 

The only auction house to specialise exclusively in Russian art, MacDougall's is putting up for sale works by the likes of Larionov, Fechin, Roerich, and Faberge.

A preview of Russian Art Week taking place from 21st – 28th November in London, with sales of Russian art at the major auction houses alongside a varied cultural programme.

Seven days of Russian art.