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Shostakovich: From Jewish Folk Poetry at Sands Films

Source: AFP / EastNews
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Anglo-Russian Culture Club presents a concert to celebrate the Russian composer's 110th anniversaty

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What: Shostakovich: From Jewish Folk Poetry

When: December 10, 2016 7:30pm

Where: Sands Films, 82 St Marychurch Street, SE16 4HZ London, United Kingdom

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Dmitri Shostakovich, Op. 79

Piano: Alexey Demchenko
Soprano: Galina Averina
Mezzo-soprano: Maria Gulik
Tenor: Mikhail Shepelenko

Composed in 1948 fully aware of the Holocaust and in response to a new and brutal wave of anti-Semitism sweeping the Soviet Union, the poems describe the hard life for Jews under the Czar, allowing Shostakovich to speak about their current plight using coded allegory.
The composer's situation and the official anti-Semitism of the time made a public premiere impossible until 1955, when it was performed by Shostakovich himself with Nina L'vovna Dorliak, Zara Dolukhanova and Alec Maslennikov. Before the premiere the work received a number of private performances.

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The music brings to life the misery, terror and humour contained within the Jewish tradition, and makes listening to these songs a deeply moving experience. The cycle is just one of many works by Shostakovich to incorporate elements of Jewish music; he said that he was attracted by "a jolly melody on sad intonations"

This concert will be presented on the Stage.

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