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Eifman Ballet 'Up & Down' at London Coliseum

Khana Kudryashova
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06/12 - 10/12

The celebrated company, under the direction of Boris Eifman, returns to London

Location: London Coliseum
Tags: ballet
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What: Eifman Ballet 'Up & Down'

When: December 6-10, 2016

Where: London Coliseum, St Martin's Ln, Charing Cross, London WC2N 4ES


Why you should go: 

If you have seen Swan Lake one too many times, try the Eifman Ballet instead. The St. Petersburg-based company founded by visionary choreographer Boris Eifman in 1977 returns to London in December 2016. The programme features the UK premiere of Artistic Director Boris Eifman’s ballet Up & Down featuring the invigorating music of George Gershwin, Franz Schubert and Alban Berg. Taking place in the magnificent Jazz Age – the piece evokes the unstoppable feast of life; the era of freedom, sensuality, and hedonism.

Based on the 1934 F. Scott Fitzgerald novel ‘Tender Is the Night’, Up & Down follows the rise and fall of a promising young psychoanalyst and one of his patients; presenting the bizarre kaleidoscope of obsessions, fears and fragments of patients’ minds. The characters’ own ups and downs  masterfully recreated by Boris Eifman and his dancers.

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Boris Eifman has been described a ‘philosopher choreographer’, defining his work as ‘psychological ballet’. Up & Down was borne out of the choreographer’s own psychoanalytic research. Rightly believing that ballet tools open truly unlimited research opportunities before a dance creator, Eifman plunges into the unknown depths of his characters’ inner worlds and penetrates into the most hidden places of the subconscious. With the help of the original vocabulary Eifman depicts the disintegration of characters’ consciousness, bringing their nightmares and delusions to the surface.

Eifman Ballet, formerly the Leningrad New Ballet, was established by Boris Eifman in 1977 and is one of the world’s largest non-classical ballet Companies. Distinguished by its technique, dedication and high onstage intelligence, the Company is renowned among ballet fans the world over for works such as Tchaikovsky, Anna Karenina, The Seagull, Eugene Onegin, Rodin, Beyond Sin, Requiem and Red Giselle.

Set design by Zinovy Margolin, costumes design by Olga Shaishmelashvili and lighting design by Gleb Filshtinsky and Boris Eifman.

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