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A Game in Hell at the GRAD Gallery

The collection is particularly important due to the dearth of material relating to the First World War in Russian museums, which they were instructed to disregard during the Soviet period. Image courtesy of GRAD.
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27/09 - 30/11

Exploring the significance of the First World War on Russia 

Location: GRAD, London
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What: A Game in Hell. The Great War in Russia.

When: 27th September – 30th November, 2014

Where: GRAD Gallery. 3-4 A Little Portland St, London W1W 7JB


Why you should go:

The early 20th century brought with it revolutions and wars that racked the political and social structures the world over. Russia’s experience in times of tribulation was no exception. A Game in Hell. The Great War in Russia in London’s very own GRAD Gallery examines the various social and cultural significance of the First World War in Russia. Displaying a collection of 500 printed items, periodicals, graphic designs and over 2000 photograhs, the collection reveals the historical atmosphere and social concern that faced Russia in the shadow of World War I. So rapidly was the First World War succeeded by the 1917 Revolution and the Russian Civil War that there was little time to process its impact during the changing regimes that followed. The mystery, even now, only begins to unravel.


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