About us

The Kompass is an online guide, a unique database with the most popular and interesting “Russian” places in London. Its aim is to target people living in the UK who are fond of Russian language and culture as well as Russians who live or study in the UK. 

Surfing through our website you can find omnifarious reviews written by our London authors, actual information on restaurants where one can try authentic Russian dishes, shops with goods from Russia, Russian art and design galleries, Russian language schools and even a list of traditional Russian banyas (steam baths)! On top of that, with the help of our calendar we keep you in the loop about all Russian exhibitions, concerts, business trainings, and other events.

Our project is not only a useful internet service which contains interesting events, but it also promotes a positive Russian image in the UK, overcoming cultural borders. The Kompass shows new and surprising features of Russia and acquaints Europeans with the rich cultural and business aspects of Russia.

The Kompass is a part of Russia Beyond The Headlines (RBTH), an international project of the leading Russian daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The Kompass was the official media partner of the UK-Russia Year of Culture in the UK (2014).

All events that had taken place in the UK throughout 2014 in the context of Year of Culture were listed on The Kompass, with selected highlights enjoying special coverage on the website. Readers were also able to find event reviews, features aimed at introducing the British public to Russian culture and to its connections with Britain, and opinion pieces written by high-profile British and Russian personalities.